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Why do you need my information again? I gave it to you when I originally enrolled.

Since our original plan did not include any form of monitoring, we did not take your SSN or DOB at the time of enrollment. We also did not save passwords for security purposes which is why a new login process is requested.

What do I do if I put my spouses SSN on my account?

Once you realize you have made the error, please stop and email us at idtheft@zanderins.com. Please provide your name and membership ID number and we will reply back with the solution. It may be an easy fix, or it may need to be escalated to our IT department. Regardless, we will provide a solution.

Is there a reason why my spouse received a membership number, and I have not?

We recently sent two separate email notifications for you and your spouse describing enhanced benefits now available with your Zander ID Theft Protection Plan, at no additional cost. We had some clients contact us to say they only received one email for one member. It appears that the second email may have bounced, been caught in email filters or was otherwise not delivered. We are sending a follow up email that includes both your membership numbers and log in instructions. In the meantime, please feel free to email us at idtheft@zanderins.com and ask for your membership number to be emailed to you.

Why isn’t my membership number working?
  • “0” is a number and not a letter
  • Do not put spaces before ZIDT or between ZIDT and the numbers
  • If you receive an error message stating this number is already in use, please email us at idtheft@zanderins.com and let us know the problem, and we will provide a solution as quickly as possible.
Why can’t I use my original username and password?

As part of the product upgrade, we created a new member website that is more interactive and provides a better user experience. This new member site has your monitoring reports. Access to the new site requires that you create a new username, password and security question. It creates another layer of security.